Pledge Form Instructions

Pledge Forms Instructions

·         Click on the “Pledge Form” to access.
·         Please print out one Pledge Form per participant.
·         If you are unable to print the form, forms will be available at the RRC office.
·         Enter your name at the top of the form.
·         Enter the sponsor’s name, contact information and pledge amount in the space allotted.
·         Use the second page of the form if necessary.
·         Please collect all pledges prior to the day of the event.
·         Checks should be made payable to “Readington Reformed Church”.
·         Total the amount of pledges. Enter the total from both pages on the first page of the form.
·         Turn in the pledge form and all funds collected on the day of the event at the Check-In table.
·         There will be a prize for the top three pledge amounts turned in during Check-In on the day of the event. Uncollected pledges will not be included in the prize total.
·         Please turn in all uncollected pledges as soon as possible after the day of the event. Turn in at the RRC office or mail to PO Box 1, Readington NJ 08870.

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