Check- In & Walk Instructions

Check-In Instructions – Day of the event

·    Go to the tables labeled “Check-In” on the day of the event at Pickell Park as early as 9:00 am        until 10:00 am.
·         Check-in will be done alphabetically by your last name.
·         Turn in your pledge form and pledge funds.
·         You will receive your welcome packet and lap card/refreshments voucher.
·         T-shirts will be distributed.
·         All participants will receive a raffle ticket to be drawn at the end of the walk-a-thon.
·         The top three pledge funds turned in on the day of the event will be announced and prizes awarded at the end of the walk-a-thon.
·         Await the start of the walk.

Walk Instructions

·         The walk will commence at 10:00 am. There will be an announcement made to start.
·         There are six laps of ~0.5 miles each or 3 miles
·         Please follow the designated route.
·         There will be trash cans available. Please do not litter.
·         After each lap, there will be a volunteer to mark your lap card.
·         Upon completion, please head to the pavilion area for wrap-up ceremonies.
·         You may present your lap card for refreshments at anytime at the designated table.
·         If at any time medical assistance is required, please notify a walk-a-thon volunteer or go directly to the medical table.
·         HAVE FUN!!!!

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